Painting Table Update: Stormclaw Commission - Warboss

It has been a while since my last update but since then I have started work on my most recent commission job. The commission is for a fully painting / assembled Stormclaw box set so I was more than happy to get to paint some Orks and Space Wolves. I decided to begin the project by painting the Warboss first. You can find some pictures of the nearly completed miniature below:

My client requested that I paint the Orks in the Evil Sunz colors rather than the Goffs and I happily obliged as I've always felt that Orks look much better in red. I have also recently taken to painting battle damage armor as this just makes that much more sense when you consider that these models are in the middle of warzones.

The first pass involved a watered down Typhus Corrosion applying to most of the joint and crevices to look like built up dirt and corrosion. The weathering was then built upon using a small sponge dipped in Typhus Corrosion and applied liberally around the miniature. The chipped paint effect was achieved rather simply by applying thin lines of Runefang Steel roughly along the edges of the armor plates. I tried not to go too far with the damage as it may result in model may looking too cluttered.

The final touches include finishing of the nails and touching up the facial extremities of the Warboss. The base and pet squig also require completion. Once the Warboss is finished the Kans will be the next to be tackled.

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