As my first foray into the world of blogging I'm a little unsure as to where I should begin. The reason behind the creation of this blog is to document and archive my modelling projects. Mainly for a personal record but also to allow others to see my work.

I have been involved with model making, specifically Warhammer for about 12 years now. I first started with the GW Lord of the Rings magazine, Battle Games in Middle Earth, however I soon became interested in War hammer 40k and Fantasy. Since then I have collected all manner of armies, some for gaming purposes but mostly because I liked the look of the miniatures. I think I have always been more involved with the hobby side of the Warhammer, preferring to create new armies rather than fight with them. Its probably the main reason I am still interested after more than decade.

It is my intention to keep this blog updated with the progress of my modelling projects and to also provide tutorials and help to anyone who is interested. I will post pictures when possible and post links to anything useful or interesting I come across as I work.

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  1. Funnily enough I started a blog around the same time and for the same reasons: Consider yourself followed. I like your WW1 themed Imperial Guard. The parts all tie together really well and I can imagine the full army will look really cohesive.