Games Workshops February Release Schedule Leaked

As final proof that we will be getting some new Dwarves within the next few weeks, GWs February release schedule has been leaked.

Among the numerous Black Library releases we can see that the first batch of Dwarves will be hitting shelves on the 8th Feb after becoming available for pre-order on the 1st
The first group includes Belegar Ironhammer, Dwarf Dragon Slayer and the Hammerers kit (images can be found HERE and HERE). As this schedule only covers the first half of the month there may be some more new releases on their way.
The list also confirms the price of the new releases with Belegar at £12 ($21), the Slayer at £12 ($21) and the Hammerers kit at £30 ($50). Please note the £ conversions are based on comparing similar priced kits on the US to UK GW site.

No Fine Cast Here
This schedule also confirms that these will all be plastic kits, with Belegar Ironhammer and the Dragon Slayer being ‘clam-packs’. If I am not mistaken, Belegar will be the first named character to be released in ‘clam-pack’ form, the first step in GWs move away from fine cast.

Current Rules Apply
It does appear that we will not be receiving any updated army book just yet, which ties in to why the new rules for Belegar will be published in the first White Dwarf Weekly which is out on the 1st. I imagine that this is an intentional marketing ploy by GW to drum up readership for WWW.

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