Fuel for the Rumor Mill: Blood Angels, Orks, 40k Starter Sets and more being pulled from Retailers

I have just taken a look over at the Retailer section of the Games Workshop site and noticed the following information that GW has released to their retailers. The list appears to detail a number of kits which are no longer required to be Stocked. 

Now some of these may just be stock changes but there are a few which grab your attention, especially with the recent rumors. I have listed the following points in order of likelihood, the first being the most likely. Now please take my speculations with a pinch of salt, they are only my interpretations of the information provided.

  1. Dark Vengeance, Warhammer 40,000 Paint Set and WH40k Rulebook are being pulled which helps to back up the rumors of a new Rulebook and Starter kits for 40k
  2. Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard, Space Marine Terminator Close Assault Squad, SM Landraider and Space Marine Strikeforce boxes are being pulled as well. These are probably just be re-boxings but this still goes someway to lend credence to a possible Blood Angels re-release coming soon.
  3. Ork Battleforce, Ork Battlewagon, Ork Deff Dread are also strong pointers for an Ork re-boxing alongside some new releases. This would be similar to that seen with the release of the Crimson Slaughter Rules and Helbrute kit a few months ago.
  4. Finally there is the Dark Eldar Battleforce and the Dark Eldar Razorwing which seem most interesting considering the rumors which suggested they would be part of the new Starter Kit.
Here is the info pulled directly from the GW site, you can find the page HERE. This site has been pretty useful for gauging what will be released in the past. I have previously seen that the old Citadel Tools were getting pulled before there newer versions were officially announced.

Currently the Order Forms (January – April) are up to date except for:
No longer required stock for Stockist status:
BS1: Dark Vengeance
BS1: Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook
BS1: Space Marine Terminator Close Assault Squad
BS1: Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard
BS1: Ravenwing Command Squad
BS1: Vampire Lord on Dragon
BS1: Skullcrcushers of Khorne
BS1: Skaven Warp Lighting Cannon/Plagueclaw Catapult
BS1: Fantasy Paint Set
BS1: Warhammer 40,000 Paint Set
BS1: Hobby Starter Set
BS2: Grass
BS2: Scorched Grass
BS2: Purity Seal
BS2: Stippling Brush
Ext: Space Marine Strikeforce
Ext: Dark Eldar Battleforce
Ext: Ork Battelforce
Ext: Dark Eldar Razorwing
Ext: Ork Battlewagon
Ext: Ork Deff Dread
Ext: SM Landraider
Ext: Chaos Marauder Horsemen
Ext: Warhammer Daemons of Chaos book
Ext: Karl Franz on Deathclaw
Ext: Warhammer Tomb Kings book
Ext: Vampire Counts Battalion
Ext: Empire Battalion
Ext: Celestial Hurricanum/Luminark

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