New Dwarf Second Wave Pictures (Runelord, Gyrocopter / bomber and Grimm Burloksson)

A few lucky White Dwarf subscribers have managed to get a hold of  Feb 8ths White Dwarf Weekly a few days early. We have been treated to pictures of the new Runelord, Gyrocopter, Gyrobomber and special character Grimm Burloksson.

Lets take a look at the Gyrocopter and Gyrobomber, both of which can be constructed from the same kit. Although it bears a striking resemblance to Dr Robotnik and his flying egg I have to say I do rather like this mini. The old Gyrocopter looked a little too cobbled together for Dwarves. This looks a lot more purpose built and the fact that it is plastic is always a bonus. From the looks of it, if you were to choose to build the Gryocopter you would have quite a lot of nice bits left over.

Next we have Grimm Burloksson, the master engineer special character. The first word that immediately springs to mind after looking at him is 'Steampunk'. The frequent cog iconography and bronze embellishments serve to set Grimm up as an Dwarf engineer nicely. Although not apparent from the image, we will be getting a couple of options such as pointing arm instead of his axe arm and a choice between a empty gauntlet and his Grudge-Raker rifle.

To round up the next wave of miniatures we have the Runelord. As with Grimm, he also comes with a few options. His head has two options, he comes with a choice of two hammers and his bound tome can be replaced with a rune held by tongs. 
What is also interesting about this picture is that we seem to also be getting a sneak peak at the new Ironbreakers just to his left. It can be safely said that these are not just hammerers as they are wearing chainmail instead of scalemail. I have to say that these look fantastic and I very much look forward to seeing more of these. In addition to the ironbreakers, slightly blurred and in the rear of photo we have what looks to be a new range unit. They appear to be carrying low slung, large bronze guns. It has been suspected that these are Fire Dragons.
I assume that these will be packaged together with the ironbreakers as is Games-Workshops tendency with new plastic kits. We can probably expect both of these to be released on the 22nd of February.
Finally we have a shot of the Dwarf Army Book cover, solid proof that Dwarves will be receiving a new edition of rules.
Source: Edward Brown: Twitter

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