Imperial Guard to be Renamed

It seems that we will have the good old Imperial Guard Codex for much longer as it is to be renamed as part of their upcoming new release. Their codex will be now be called the Astra Militarium or star strategy in Latin. This is possibly due to legal issues but it is also in keeping with the Sisters of Battle being re-branded as Adepta Sororitas. It is also possible that the new codex will be all encompassing of the Imperial Forces, what this includes hasn’t been confirmed. However, I (personally) would expect Assassins and possibly the inquisition as well.

We are expecting to see the new Imperial Guard in April following the release of Imperial Knights (titans) in March. Finally, speculation is abound that May will most likely see a release of Wood Elves.
So to recap:
February: Dwarves
March: Imperial Knights
April: Imperial Guard (Astra Militarium)
May: Wood Elves

There is also the possibility that we will see a smattering of new Chaos Minis over these months as well, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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