Continuing the first squad.

After completing my Descendants of Decay I returned to working on my Imperial Guard. With my Kolony Command heads arriving from Pig Iron Productions I was able to complete the second half of my infantry squad.

I created the squad much in the same way as before by trimming lasguns and adding foot wraps. However, as this half of the squad contained the sergeant and the vox caster I tackled these a little differently.
The sergeant makes use of one of the new heads, I thought the cap would help him to stand out from the rest of the squad.

I also made a slight conversion to the Vox Caster, I t thought that the vox pack looked a little too techy for the look I was going for. Instead I clipped a couple of aerials from the vox pack and glued them to a Kromlech backpack. This allowed it to remain identifiable as having comms equipment whilst retaining that low tech feel.

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