Descendants of Decay A.K.A Beasts of Nurgle Continued

I began painting the the descendents/beasts by undercoating them with white primer. I chose white as it would allow me to predominantly use washes, which I find help to achieve a more organic appearance. For ease of painting I kept the bases separate and undercoated these black instead as their colour scheme was going to to be much darker.

I began the painting with a two washes of Athonian Camoshade with a single wash of Agrax Earthshade between the two. The horns/spines were washed with Seraphim Sepia with Agrax Earthshade applied to the lower parts.

The pustules, open sores and mouth were first washed with Carroburg Crimson and then Bloodletter for definition. These areas then had Blood for the Blood God applied in blotches before Nurgles Rot was added to the peaks of the pustules. For the tongues I used Army Painters purple ink, something of a new experience. I was very impressed with the result and thought the inks gave the tongues great definition. The teeth and claws were first painted with Dawnstone and then highlighted with Astromicon  Grey. After a few light washes of Army Painters soft tone ink to the help blend the skin the beasts were done. I also purchased a day light bulb which is inifinitely better to paint with and use to take pictures (compare this next picture with the bulb to the first one without).

All that needs doing now is to finish the bases, so far I'm very happy with the result. The colour scheme ,which I first used on plaguebearers, transferred well to these even though they aren't GW miniatures. This is one of many reasons as to why I will probably use some of Titan Forges other miniatures in the future. 

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