More White Dwarf Cover, more Dwarf Rumors and Plastic Dwarf Lord Kit

White Dwarf Weekly Cover
As the Dwarfs Februrary release draws closer, more and more information is being leaked. We have already seen an obscured glimpse of the new White Dwarf Weekly cover but an image of the full cover has now been released.

Here we can now completely see the new character, Belegar Ironhammer. To the right of his picture we also see "Full Rules for the Dwarfen King", is this simply an extract from the upcoming army book or will his rules only be available within White Dwarf? If so it would make sense as including such incentives will be important in driving sales, especially for those first crucial weeks.

Plastic Characters?
This is only speculation (and I could be wrong) but judging from the way the rocks seem to merge into the base I suspect that this may be a 'Clam-pack' plastic. If so this would futher confirm GWs move away from Fine Cast.

Potential Dwarf Lord Sprue
In addition to the White Weekly, there have also been some images of what appears to be a sprue of the a multi-choice plastic Dwarf Lord. It has been suggested that these are older images of a kit which was to be released alongside the new Dwarf miners a few years ago but never surfaced. However, after the rumors of a plastic Dwarf Lord on the way there is always the chance they have been reworked as part of the new release.

From looking at the sprues we can see that there are at least 4 Dwarfs on the sprue including a particularly large shield. This all points to the kit containing a Dwarf Lord being carried by shield bearers and a lord on foot. This would make sense as this arrangement has been seen in the Empire General kit which contains both a foot and mounted general. 

More Hammerer News
Finally, we have been given a price confirmation on the Hammerers/IronBreaker/Longbeard set. They will cost £30 ($50) which is pretty standard for a 10 man special unit with multiple assembly options (see Executioners/Blackguard).

That's all for now, but keep checking back for more Dwarf related news.


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