New Dwarf Pics reveal Longbeards and possible Ironbreakers.

As the Dwarves Februrary release draws ever closer, we are treated to some more previews of the new minis. All of these pictures look as though they have been taken from the upcoming White Dwarf Weekly so we can imagine that WWW No.1 will be crammed full of Dwarves.

First up with have another picture of the Hammerers, this time its a full unit of them which gives us a better idea as to how they look ranked up. Next we have some closeups of  Belegar Ironhammer. I'm personally impressed by this guy. His only drawback is the ridiculous banner pole on his back. I am however slightly comforted, after looking at the bottom right image, as it seems as though it will be easy enough to remove.

Here we have some new, the longbeards, the armour is nicely adorned to represent their status among society. And yes, there beards are in fact long.

With the final picture I'm a little unsure, they could possibly be Ironbreakers yet they are very similar to the Longbeards, the only reason I can tell they are not the same unit is the musician. Ironbreakers have a drummer whereas the Longbeards have a horn. Maybe they are both Longbeards, but with Ironbreakers no longer being available on the GW site there is still a good chance that the Hammerers kit will come with 3 unit options.

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