White Dwarf Weekly and Stand-alone releases

With the advent of White Dwarf Weekly you may have heard about GWs move to releases new minis on a weekly basis rather than per month. In addition to this, they will refrain from only releasing miniatures when there new codex comes out. Which makes perfect sense, why should we be required to wait X number of years for some new kits to appear for our army of choice.

Finecast, the Windows Vista of Warhammer
Some new light has been shed upon what these independent releases will involve over the next year or so. It appears to support GWs supposed back peddling away from Fine Cast with many current metal and resin kits being replaced with plastic 'clam packs'.  The information we have is as follows:
  • We can expect to see a range of 30-40 minis spread across 40k and WFB
  • They will not necessarily be tied to that months 'big' release
  • Will most likely be single models (HQ) or small squads. 
  • Named characters will probably remain in Fine Cast.
  • Will probably be released in batches of 3 per month. 
I think this is a step in the right direction for GW. By making them independent of the current months big release, they will keep the lines fresh and interesting. I imagine that this will go a long way to help breath new life in to some of the older lines (Sisters of Battle anyone?). After all, how many of us have been inspired to start a new army just because of a handful of good looking minis?

Source: BoLS

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