Rumors of Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum) Ogryn & Bullgryn plastic kit abound

When I saw the following pop up over on 40k radio I was very happy indeed:
So some exciting news. A listener of ours was at a GW store today that mistakenly received a shipment of some unreleased items. It was the plastic Ogryn kit. The rename is confirmed as they were called Militarum Auxillia. Boom! Nailed it.
Now you probably know that from the rest of my blog I'm a big fan of Imperial Guard so this rumor is music to my ears as it pretty much confirms that Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum) will be getting revisited this year. There are no pics just yet but if the boxes are ready for distribution already then some image confirmation shouldn't be too long away.

Additionally there is also the following information from Faeit 212:

Hello Natfka, I am not normally a rumour guy.
However, I have today seen (and held) something I was not supposed to.
"Astra Militarium Bullgryns"
Shrink wrapped box ready for sale; I don't know what that implys about
release time.
Three Plastic "Bullgryns" which seem to be armoured Ogryns with large
riot style shields. Looked to be on the same bases as the Space Marine
Centurians. They are painted in a new looking blue/gray urban cammo.
They have armoured looking torsos and loin cloth type things made out
of tank tracks (!). They also seemed to have cybernetic enchancement
(ala Boneheads).
Looking at the back of the box, there was a small picture indicating
they could also be built as traditional Ogryns, which retain there
T-shirts and Ripper guns look. The Orgryn on the back had a Green T
The Bullgryns sound very intriguing and it will be interesting to see how they look and play. I just hope that they do not cost the same as Centurions! This source also mentions the fact they seem to ready for distribution. Could this be a hint of them getting released earlier than April? I very much hope so as I have been hoping for plastic Ogryns for a long time.

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