Further News on the Second Wave of Dwarf Releases: Army Book + Pricing

Even more news has come to adding further credence to the second dwarf wave rumors. This time we have some prices as well. The prices are as standard, the Runelord and Grimm being priced at £13 indicates that they will also be clampacked plastics. Although it seems that we may still have to wait for Ironbreakers we will be getting the new Dwarf Army book in a little under two weeks time.

What is of particular interest is the new engineer special character, Grimm Burlockson. His name bears a striking resemblance to the old special character Dwarf Engineer Guildmaster, Burlock Damminson. Could it just be the same character but with a name change or will the fluff provide a link between the two characters?

Huan Qu'itt : Warseer
Pre-orders 8th; release 15th:
Warhammer: Dwarfs 30£
Gyrocopter/Gyrobomber 28£
Runelord 13£
Grimm Burlockson (new engineer SC) 13£

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