March Week 2 Release Schedule Leaked: Imperial Knight Codex

Well its that time of the week again and the release schedule for the 8th March has been revealed to us.
It appears that this is the first week since the start of the new release format that we will not be getting any miniatures in.

Instead we will be getting the Imperial Knight codex to go along with the kits which will be released this Saturday. The codex will be priced at roughly £25 (based on the £ to $ conversion) which is a little less than other Codexes(Codices?), this could indicate that it will be smaller in content compared to that of any other armies Codex.

In addition to this the schedule also details a Imperial Knight companion book and a 'The Knights of the Imperium' book. Now there are no details as of yet as to what these could be however I would imagine that the 'The Knights of the Imperium' book will be a collecting guide, featuring painting and hobby guides a long with some background on the Knights. It is equally possible that the Codex: Imperial Knights Companion guide is just a a limited edition version of this. This is just speculation but hopefully will we see some more clarification once people recieve White Weekly Issue 5.

Source: Faeit 212

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