White Dwarf Weekly 6 and March 15th Releases Leaked: Hellbrutes confirmed

It is that time of week again where rumors of the upcoming releases a either confirmed or disproved. This time we have some interesting news of a Chaos re-branding along with a new Codex supplement and kit.

With a leaked picture of the cover of White Dwarf Weekly Issue 6 we can pretty much be certain that the a new Hellbrute kit will be coming soon.
From the caption beneath "Dark Glory" we can also be assured that the Crimson Salughter codex will be arriving also.

The release schedule indicates that the 15th March will be when we are getting the new Hellbrute kit, some pictures of which we have already seen floating around. In addition to the new kit we will also be getting the Crimson Slaughter codex supplement as well as an update to most of the current Chaos kits. The Chaos battleforce also appears to be being replaced with the Chaos Space Marine Attack Force. This bundle will contain the following and be priced at about £120 ($205):

1 Chaos rhino
1 Chaos terminator lord
5 Chaos space marine raptors
1 Chaos space marine forgefiend
10 Chaos space marine

5 Chaos terminators

Although there has been rumors of Chaos Havocs getting a much needed new kit they have not been detailed in this wave of releases. However, as they have not been listed as having their box art updated there is still a chance that we will see them in the subsequent week(s). Personally I am hoping to see a couple of characters in plastic much like the Dwarf release. 

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