All It Needed Was a Lick of Paint - Website Makeover & Ordo Machinum Beginnings

Regular visitors to my blog may have noticed that I have given it a bit of makeover. I have done away with the dark and cluttered design (much like the inside of a Hollister store) and opted to a more minimalist and lighter one. You may experience a few hiccups as the site is still under construction and I haven't yet fully sorted out the links to all of my pages.

In terms of projects I have recently began work on a Ordo Machinum Inquisitorial Warband to accompany my Militarum Tempestus force. As a prototype I decided to start work on an acolyte. I chose to use a Chaos Cultist mini as a basis as I liked the the Industrial look of the outfit and gasmask. I trimmed down his spiked cog to look a little less chaotic. I also added a pipe from his gasmask filter to his tank on his waist. I felt that the spiked club was too improvised so I removed it. In its place I used a pick axe, this is not only an effective melee weapon but also a useful tool for anyone looking to unearth long lost technology.

Paint Scheme

  • The paint scheme is predominantly red, I started with an undercoat of Army Painter Dragon Red and used a series of Strong Tone washes to provide definition. I then did some light dry-brushing with Wazdakka red and Troll Slayer orange.
  • The trousers and gas mask were achieved with several washes of strong and dark tone over the base coat. I made use of tan on the gaiters and the forearm wraps to break things up a bit. 
  • The skin is Rakarth Flesh with a Carroburg crimson washes and then a highlight with Rakarth Flesh. This resulted in a pallid unhealthy look, typical of the Adeptus Mechanicus' servants.   
  • The metal areas were base coated with Leadbelcher and was with Typhus Corrosion before being dry-brushed with Ironbreaker.
I was pretty pleased with the result, I was a little worried that the finished mini would still look like a servant of Chaos. Fortunately this wasn't the case, however my next acolyte will most likely include a little more Imperial Iconography just to make sure.

I am currently working on the Ordo Machinum Inquisitor, he is based on Inquisitor Coteaz, but with a cybernetic arm instead of his eagle. I will post some pictures once he is completed.

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