White Dwarf Weekly and New Dwarves

A leaked image of the front covers of the upcoming White Dwarf Weekly and Warhammer Visions has been appearing across the internet. The cover of Warhammer Visions is nothing new, showing a Trygon in all its gribbly glory. However, the White Dwarf Weekly cover looks a little more interesting. The front cover image is a some sort of Dwarf Lord / Character and its surrounding text states “How to paint the new longbeards” and also “Warhammer, New Citadel Miniatures March F[orth]”. Both of these make it plainly obvious that Februrary will be bringing us some of the Bearded Short Ones. We can count on getting Longbeards and the new Lord/Hero but what other new releases shall be springing forth from the mines!?

Source: Warseer

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