The Grenadiers are formed

Even after spending most of my free time this weekend working on one of my commissions I still managed to start work on my Grenadier squad (Stormtroopers/Veterens). I've been looking forward to starting these guys ever since I saw the max mini great coat legs. I wanted to make them stand out from the rank and file whilst staying within the theme of the army. Therefore I went with the decision to make them Guardsmen+, essentially the same as the rest of my guys but with extra/better equipment. The base was, of course, the max mini greatcoat legs. To this I added a standard Cadian torso and arms. Instead of the basic west wind production head I went for the more techy looking Kromlech ones. I also added a pipe from the lasgun to the backpack. I finished off with some greenstuff cuffs to complete the great coat look and to add extra shoulder plates. Here are the first two guys, a sergeant and normal grenadier. I'm looking forward to completing the squad.

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