Potential new plastic kits on the horizon?

Found this over on the Bell of Lost Souls. Could it simply be speculation or something more revealing? The Imperial Guard stuff seems to be expected with the supposed re-release this year. However, I do suspect that they are simply re-boxing them rather than releasing entirely new kits.

The removal of the Chaos Space Marine kit may coincide with the rumors of a couple of new Chaos kits in Feb. I'm still dubious however, after the Tyrnaid Release this month, I'd expect a Hobbit or Fantasy release. What are you thoughts?

This is a list for the 40K side of things that I started on another thread that I think is worth its own thread as I intend to keep it updated every month. There are two important things to remember concerning that list:
- I have to do it by comparing order forms with my own little eyes so there may be mistakes. I'll correct it as needed.
- The list may be different for the US, mine shall concern the countries that depend on GW UK warehouse, which shall include all Europeans countries.

I've organized it by range. 

Before you start doing theories regarding why some boxes disappeared from the shelves, keep in mind some of them have been missing for ages (for example you may have seen some very recent rumours on the 40K side regarding Catachan and the Basilisk but in reality those are kits that went out early last year if memory serves me right).
As a final note, another poster (whose name I can't remember for now) whose retailer got info directly from GW US mentioned that the reason for that removal was that space in GW stores was becoming an issue due to the size of the range and they had to accommodate every new release (as an independent retailer we have access to the same products as GW stores, so if something disappear for them it also does for us). Since this look to be more or less the case with the Tyranids release this sounds actually quite credible.

There are boxes I won't take into consideration in the list, as their lack of presence is not really related to the current policy on plastic kits. Those are the Immolator, as well as the Ork Wartrakk and Warbuggy that have been out for years. I also won't point kits that have been replaced by a simple repackaging like Necron Destroyers or CSM Bikes going from single box to box of three, or the now infamous Dire Avengers.

Blood Angels, Chaos Daemons, Dark Angels, Grey Knights, Necrons, Orks, Space Wolves, Tyranids:
- Plastic range is complete, nothing missing

Chaos Space Marines:
- Attack Squad

Dark Eldar:
- Reavers

- Vyper
- Support Weapons
X Falcon
It is interesting to note the Wave Serpent entered that list yet came back on the shelves a few months later.

Imperial Guard:
- Catachan Battleforce
- Catachan Command Squad
- Catachan Jungle Fighters
- Catachan Heavy Weapon Squad
- Basilisk

Space Marines:
- Combat Squad
- Whirlwind

- Kroot

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