Yet more rumours

It seems that there are yet more rumours around eluding to new chaos kits coming very soon. This could possibly be linked to first of the weekly releases we will soon see with the new format White Dwarf. They also fit in with the removal of some of the chaos minis from the current line. Some of the new releases are close and rest are due for the summer.

More of these please!

They will all be plastic multi-part or single pose kits and will follow suit with the Dark Vengeance style. They are as follows:
-Helbrute (with all codex weapon options)
-Chaos Cultist/Plague Zombies
-Chaos Lord (single pose plastic, like the herald of nurgle)
-Chaos Chosen
-Chaos Havocs

I for one am really looking forward to these as I'm a big fan of the Dark Vengeance minis. Besides I have been waiting since the Eye of Terror campaign for Chaos Cultists & Plague Zombies!

Let me know what you think and what you are looking forward to most.

Source: BoLS

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