Imperial Knights: More pictures, rules and pricing

As the official announcement of the Imperial Knights draws closer we are beginning to see an increase in volume of early rumours.

First of all, let’s take a look at some leaked images from White Dwarf Weekly Issue 4. These pictures give us our first hints of what the new kit will contain and also how big it is. As expected it is on part with the Eldar Wraithknight and will come with a range of weapon options.

From these initial pics its obvious that the designers have been very true to fluff. As the owners of these Knights are not typically the Imperial Guard but rather Noble Houses of particular planets, it is expected that they come heavily adorned in heraldy. There is a lot of ornate shield work and embellishments which signify the status of their masters house.

A number of rumours have indicated that there will be several types of Knight, with the new kit providing enough components to construct all of them.

As for the price, an anonymous source on Faeit 212 gives us a hint with the following:
preorders for imperial knights are 330 Liras, I guess this kind of confirms the earlier rumor the the knight kit will be
For those of us in the UK that is roughly £90 however this is by no means 100% confirmation. Although this is £20 more than the Wraithknight it does makes sense when you consider the increased bulk and supposed weapon options of the Imperial Knight. I will keep updating with Imperial Knight rumours as and when they appear.

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