Imperial Knights release date and price confirmation

The release schedule for the final week of Feb (going in to March) has been leaked and with it comes price and release date confirmation for the Imperial Knights. They will arrive in stores on the 1st March being available for pre-order from the 22nd Feb. This corroborates with the White Dwarf Weekly Issue 4 previews and hints in Issue 3.
In terms of pricing they will sold at $140 which equates to £80-£85. This is slightly pricier than the similar sized Wraithknight which makes sense seeing as how it is a lot bulkier.

There is still no sign of a dedicated rulebook however there are rumours that will be getting one and that it will cover 3 armies. For now you will have to use the rules which will be published in White Dwarf Weekly Issue 4. We can probably expect a rulebook to fill make up part of March 8ths releases.

Interestingly there is also a Imperial Knight transfer sheet listed among the releases ($20, £12) which seems rather odd. Surely GW can't expect people to pay for a transfer sheet, something which has come free with most Imperium plastic kits. Especially when it equates to the cost of clam packed HQ choice.

The list also details the release of the Sentinels of Terra Space Marines supplement which will be release on the same day as the Imperial Knight. This will contain rules specific to the Imperial Fist chapter.

Source: Faeit212

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