Imperial Knights to be released 1st March

With the Dwarf releases coming to an end in just over a weeks time, the rumor mill has already switched gears and is now churning out leaked information on the Imperial Knights. A quick snapshot from White Dwarf Weekly issue 3 hints that issue 4 will contain rules and modelling articles on the Imperial Knights. Based on White Dwarf Weekly's current strategy containing information to the releases of the following weekend, it is a safe bet to assume Imperial Knights will be in store on the 1st March with pre-orders from the 22nd Feb.

What are the Imperial Knights?
For those of you who are stumped at the name Imperial Knights, I am not talking about Imperial Guard on horseback, no I'm talking about Titans. 
We first saw the Imperial Knights in epic scale but they have yet to make the cross over into 40k. There have been numerous conversions and third party manufacturers though, such as Dreamforge. The Imperial Knight titans are smaller than a Warhound so expect them to be on par with the Eldar WraithKnight, in both size and price.

There has been little in the way of images of the Imperial Knights except from a rather blurry image which appeared on Facebook a few days ago. If this is genuine then we can expect to see a very nice kit from GW. Much like the Eldar Wraithknight we can probably expect a number of weapon options, such as the multi-melta/melta cannon on the right arm and the giant chain-sword on the left. Keep checking back as I will posting more news and rumors as they appear.

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