Dwarf Release Wave 3 Details Leaked - Ironbreakers / Irondrakes confirmed.

The release schedule for the final week of February has been leaked. The final Dwarf set that we will be getting as part of this re-release is the Ironbreakers. Which, along with Iron Drakes, have already been spied in White Dwarf Weekly Issue 2. Follow this link to see more of them. With the 22nd only bringing a single new release we can imagine that this will be the last week of  Dwarf releases.

The Dwarf battleline described in the schedule is most likely a special bundle or 1-click collection featuring all of the new releases. In terms of prices the Ironbreaker/Iron Drakes kit will be £30 / $50 which is the same price as the Hammerers that were released last weekend.

No news yet as to exactly what we will see in the first weekend of March but Imperial Knights are expected. Keep checking back for more news as it comes.

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