New Chaos Hellbrute Kits Sighted - Possible March release?

Now last month you may have seen one of my posts which reported on some rumors of a Chaos Hellbrute kit being released early this year. Well it seems that these rumors have been confirmed with the leaking of some images of some new Hellbrutes.

The first thing that is apparent is that these are styled along the same lines as the Dark Vengeance Hellbrute with the notable difference of the feet. No more weird dreadnought toenails…

It is safe to assume that the kit will be plastic will a multitude of weapon options available. From the pics we can see that we at least have a reaper autocannon, plasma cannon. To compliment these with have a multitude of close combat weapons such as the claw, a hammer and some flailing tendrils.

There also appear to be some head and carapace variants relating specifically to each of the gods. Although there isn’t a Slaanesh Hellbrute pictured you can see a small amount of it just below the Nurgle one.

It appears that these have been sourced from Warhammer visions issue 2 which will be due out on the 1st March. These means that we can probably expect to see the kits released sometime in March as well as a possible standalone release.

I’m very much impressed with these kits and will most likely be picking 
one up when they are released. It’s about time that Chaos players actually received a decent model for their Hellbrutes.

Source: BoLS

 Element Games, Wargaming Webstore

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