Updated 6th Edition Warhammer 40k Rulebook to Come in Three Parts

Ahead of this weekends official announcement of the Updated Rules for Warhammer 40k we are getting a lot of leaks from the upcoming White Dwarf. The most recent revelation being that the new rule book will be in not one, but three parts.

These three parts are broken down as follows:

Galaxy At War: A 114 page starter guide complete with lots of pics of painted miniatures
Dark Millennium: Is 128 pages and contains all of the fluff regarding the 40k Universe
Finally we have the rules themselves in a 208 page book.

The cost of which has been rumored to be about €65 / £55 / $90 which is a price increase on the previous rules. In addition to the rumored Blood Angels Vs Orks starter set, GW seems to drawing a lot of inspiration from 2nd Edition of 40k. Not only did this edition have a BA vs Orks Starter set but it also came with three rule books, albeit not in the same format as we see here.

Sources: Reddit & Faeit212