Painting Table Update: Chariots of Steel

It seems that most of my hobby time has been devoted to commission work recently, which is rather frustrating seeing as how I have quite a few Scions waiting to be assembled and painted. Saying that I am rather enjoying painting Eldar and Warriors of Chaos, having never collected these before it has been a good opportunity to paint some units I would have never normally had the chance to.

Most recently I decided to take a break from painting the second group of Juggernauts of Khorne and began work on the Chariot. My client opted for the Gore Beast variant and I am glad he did, this is an excellent looking miniature and a lot more intimidating that horses!

The assembly was relatively straightforward, although I opted to only part assemble the miniature for ease of painting. The Gore Beast, chariot, wheels and riders were kept separate from each other to avoid having to fiddle about trying to paint those hard to reach spots. 

All were undercoated with black primer but the Lord, wheels, chariot and the the front of the Gore Beast were blasted with a spray of Army Painter Plate Mail primer. This not only saved time painting all the metal areas but created a good layer of depth as the the black primer showed through any recesses. This depth was further extenuated with a black wash.

The images below show my progress so far, I have just started work on the gold sections. My top tip for this article is to paint (Gehennas) Gold over silver rather than black, it covers much more easily as a result looks better. This is especially true if shading/highlighting has already been applied to the silver. At the moment the Chaos Chariot looks like it is owned by the Iron Warriors. The next stage is to apply some Reikland Fleshshade to the gold sections followed by Runefang Steel highlights all over.

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