Painting Table Update: Ordo Machinum Inquisitor

After completing my recent commission work I thought that it was probably about time that I start working on my own stuff again. I had converted an Ordo Machinum inquisitor but hadn't got around to painting him yet. So after finding a bit of free time I sat down and began to paint up the Inquisitor.


You may be wondering why I chose to focus on one of the more minor branches of the Inquisition, well personally I find the Ordo Machinum to be under-rated. These guys are responsible for overseeing the Adeptus Mechanicus and are often involved in uncovering lost technology. They are as much Inqusitiors as they are priests of Mars and this opens up some interesting avenues in terms of conversion work. The background of the Ordo also fitted well with that of my chosen Tempestus force, the Lambdan Lions. These scions are often employed to secure sources of technology so it makes perfect sense for them to be accompanied by an Inquisitor.


Anyway enough of the fluff ramblings and onto the miniature itself. You can quite clearly see that the Inquisitor is based upon a Lord Coteaz miniature. I chose him over other Inquisitor miniatures as I really liked his armor styling. The first thing I did was to remove his eagle and position his arm in a more at ease position. This also gave me the perfect opportunity to add cybernetics as the re positioning of the arm left a gap between the shoulder and the elbow. A few plasticard rods were inserted to build up the Inquisitors upper arm. To further the mechanical augmentations I added a cable to the head and fitted a respirator. These slight changes all helped to distance the miniature from Lord Coteaz who it is based upon. A few more of these cables who applied to the tabard, this was inspired by the Techmarines armor. At this point the miniature had far too little gear/cog iconography for an affiliate of the Tech Priests. This was remedied by applying small watch gears to the butt of the hammer and half embedded into the hammer itself. Once again, this emulated the weapons seen on Techpriest Enginseers and Techmarines.


Once I had completed the assembly of the miniature I had to decide upon a color scheme. I wanted to replicate the styling of the Adeptus Mechanicus so red and bronze were a requirement. Ultimately I opted to use red to color the armor as bronze would make him look too similar to Coteaz, this would instead be reserved for the embellishments. When I came to paint the hammer I wanted something that resembled marble and would stand out, white marble however would once again look too similar to Coteaz. Therefore I went for Green Marble as this would contrast well against the Red, the shaft was painted silver and the decorations were colored with bronze. The Inquisitors skin was painted to look as though it was pale and drawn, much like many of the servants of Mars. Rather than opting to start light and shade dark I began with normal flesh tones and highlighted with thin layers of lighter flesh tone. Rakarth Flesh was used around the eyes and the cheekbones to give the effect of pronounced, almost skeletal facial features.

Some images of the Inquistior can be found below, I will add him to my Personal Portfolio once I have completed the base.

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