Painting Table Update: Chaos Gore Beast Chariot Commission Completed

Over the weekend I made the finishing touches to a Chaos Chariot that I am painting as part of a commission. Now that the chariot is completed I can quite honestly say that I did enjoy painting this. A lot of long hours (as opposed to the normal length hours) went into this in order to ensure I got it just right.

What simultaneously made this project a joy to paint but also increased the painting time was the sheer variation of color and materials present on this mini. The silver areas were easy enough, they just involved a silver spray over the top of black primer. This was followed by a series of brown/black washes and a drybrush of Runefang Steel. 

At this point I thought that as the bulk of the model had been finished I wouldn't have much more work to do, how wrong I was. As frustratingly slow as the going was the variation in color and techniques kept the painting interesting. I am especially proud of the red cape, this was achieved with a Dragon Red (Army Painter) base followed by Red Ink and Bloodletter washes to add definition. 

I was thankful that my client opted for the Gorebeast over the Horses as I think the Gore beast looks fantastic. It took me a while to be happy about the skin however, but after numerous washes drybrushes and highlights I finally got what I was hoping for. My favorite thing about this model is the huge fore arms which I applied Blood for the Blood God to for that just 'just finished pulping someone look'.

Here are some pictures of the completed chariot which will be added to my Commission Portfolio soon.

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